The Child Care Directors Associaton of Southwest Alberta 

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Our Mission: 

Through our leadership we will promote the highest priority to the influences that will enrich a child's optimal development in our society. 

Who we are:

The Child Care Director’s Association of Southwest Alberta consists of Early Childhood practitioners networking together to support best practices in our field. The association is an advocate for children to receive the highest level of quality care and learning through play experiences.

Our professional relationships reach out to the communities; including health, government supports, parent programs, professional development/education and advocacy groups. Our partnerships interlink with all relevant organizations impacting the betterment of children and their families. 

The Objectives of the Association are:
To provide support among its Members.

2. Promote and advocate the association’s vision statement.

3. To encourage and promote professional development.

4. Generally to encourage, advocate and foster and develop among its Members and the community recognition of the importance of Early Childhood Education

5. To liaison with outside individuals and community groups to achieve the Objectives of the Association.